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Interprofession de la vigne et du vin, Av. de la Gare 2, 1964 Conthey, Schweiz

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2014 Dole du Valais Reserve du Patron 2014 Dole du Valais Reserve du Patron
Vaud Swiss
With a quarter of the Swiss wines produced in Wallis, it is the second wine-producing region of Switzerland. Red wines from the Gamay and the Pinot Noir varieties represent about a quarter of the production. Vaud's long tradition of wine-producing dates back to the Dézaley's vineyards cultivated...
€16.50 *
Content 0.75 Liter (€22.00 * / 1 Liter)
Stock: 6
Vintage: 2014
Alc: 12,50
Condition: High fill
allergy information: enthält Sulfite
type: red wine