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All wines are in our wine cellar and can be shipped immediately.  493025563300

Vintage rating wine 00s

With the 90s, something changes in the wine world. The wineries are making a much higher effort than before. - In the past, the focus was on yield. Grape ripeness and grape health received less attention. In recent decades, unhealthy and unripe grapes have been consistently selected from the higher-quality wines. So you will actually find interesting wines in every vintage. Unfavorable individual reviews are often complaints at a high level.

The wine year 2000*****

The vintage is highly rated and is therefore very high in price. Especially with the 1er Grand Cru Classé, the price fluctuations are enormous. But after all, it is also the millennium! Maybe not ready to drink yet.

Wine vintage rating 2000 - Wine 2000

The wine year 2001****

Good Bordeaux can often keep up very well with the previous vintage. Because of the cool spring, the grapes lasted until October. Later reading time.

Wine vintage rating 2001 - Wine 2001

The wine year 2002**-***

A consistently difficult year with a wet summer. The vintage clearly shows the development that wine technology and competence have achieved. Timely detection of rot, strict sorting out of unripe grapes actually saved many wines. 
In Italy, the growth of vines was better than in Bordeaux. The summer of 1992 was perfect, only for the grape harvest it rained too much. 

Wine vintage rating 2002 - Wine 2002

The wine year 2003 ***

Drought and rain alternated in Bordeaux. The Merlot grape variety matured very well, Cabernet Sauvignon, on the other hand, became too watery. 
In Italy almost the same as in 1992 with a better final result: a very good summer, in September rainy weather. 

Wine vintage rating 2003 - Wine 2003

The wine year 2004 ****

In Bordeaux, spring frosts led to low yields. From May to August, warm to hot weather prevailed, after which there was always prolonged rain. 
In Piedmont, 2004 was the third consecutive year with excellent summers and long rains during September. 

Wine vintage rating 2004 - Wine 2004

The wine year 2005 *****

Very weighty wines, suitable for long storage, i.e. often still too young.

In Italy (Piedmont and Tuscany) there was a rather strange weather pattern. A warm spring was followed by a moderate summer, the finale was followed by a long-lasting, almost summery autumn. The grapes were therefore harvested very late. 

Wine vintage rating 2005 - Wine 2005

The wine year 2006 ****

Very drinkable wines rather elegant and smooth, because intense and powerful

Wine vintage rating 2006 - Wine 2006

The wine year 2007 ***-*****

In Bordeaux initially not an outstanding, but well drinkable vintage. The early flowering was uneven. The wet, cool May led to trickling and small berries. Only August and September became sunny and hot.
In Piedmont, on the other hand, an excellent vintage, which was even celebrated as a vintage on some wineries. 

Wine vintage rating 2007 - Wine 2007

The wine year 2008 ****

The vintage in Bordeaux proves to be more and more a very decent vintage. The weather suited the early ripening Merlot grape. The vineyards planted with Cabernet Sauvignon were hit by rain before the harvest. 
In Piedmont, the changeable weather led to very different results at the individual wineries. 

Wine vintage rating 2008 - Wine 2008

The wine year 2009 *****

Excellent Bordeaux vintage
In Piedmont and Tuscany also very good wines were produced. 

Wine vintage rating 2009 - Wine 2009