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All wines are in our wine cellar and can be shipped immediately.  493025563300

Vintage rating wine 10s

With the 90s, something changes in the wine world. The wineries are making a much higher effort than before. - In the past, the focus was on yield. Grape ripeness and grape health received less attention. In recent decades, unhealthy and unripe grapes have been consistently selected from the higher-quality wines. So you will actually find interesting wines in every vintage. Unfavorable individual reviews are often complaints at a high level.

The wine year 2010 *****

The vintage is highly praised for Bordeaux. The best wines are classic Cabernet Sauvignons (Pauillac, St.Julien, Listrac). Brunello di Montalcino has a top vintage.

The wine year 2011 ****

The vintage is less acidic. Wineries that faltered produced a little dull, dull wines. If good work was done, smooth, classic wines with finally less alcohol content were created (St.Emilion, Margaux, St.Estephe).

The wine year 2012 ***

More uneven, more difficult. Many of the good châteaux in Margaux have produced very successful wines. More fruity, fragrant than last year. 

The wine year 2013 ***

Drought and rain alternated in Bordeaux. The grape variety Merlot matured very well, Cabernet Sauvignon, on the other hand, became too watery. 
In Italy almost the same course as in 1992 with better final results: a very good summer, in September rainy weather. 

The wine year 2014 ***

Not easy in Bordeaux. There are strong differences within the appellations from winery to winery.

The wine year 2015 *****

Everyone is happy, in Bordeaux as well as in Piedmont. Let's see how the wines will develop.

St.Emilion, Pomerol and Pessac-Leognan promise very good wines. Château Margaux could be the best Médoc. -Become! Because all wines still have to mature.

The wine year 2016 *****

For Bordeaux, the vintage is now rated extremely high. Let's see what happens. In 2019, the wines will go on sale. Only the fresh drinking wines are already on the market.

The wine year 2017

As is now almost every year, depending on the region very different. Bordeaux was very changeable and humid. The same applies to Germany in many regions. Italy and Austria experienced an extremely hot, dry year - with thunderstorms.

The wine year 2018 *****

Overall, 2018 was another top vintage. The constantly high temperatures of recent years allow the grapes to ripen perfectly in the classic wine regions.

The wine year 2019

What will happen next? Winegrowers are experiencing global warming up close. Cooler locations ripen earlier. At the same time, weather fluctuations are greater. Sometimes there is too much, sometimes no rain at all.