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Vintage rating wine 60s

Wine reviews for the vintage are always a bit ambivalent. On the one hand, the weather pattern of a year naturally sets a direction for the wine regions. A cool, wet year cannot produce a century vintage.

On the other hand, there are subtle differences from region to region, from grape variety to grape variety. This can be seen in the differences in Bordeaux between left bank (Médoc with Cabernet Sauvignon) and right bank (St.Emilion, Pomerol with Merlot).

In the evaluation, one would also have to distinguish how the vintage was seen at the time of the grape harvest, the first barrel samples and the delivery and how it shows up today after many decades.

The most important thing about decades-old wines, however, is that it depends on each winery and on every single bottle. How was work done back then? And how was the wine bottle stored?

Every tasting of an old wine rarity opens a little adventure.

The wine year 1960 *

The weather in 1960 was actually quite good. Only the cool August prevented the perfect ripening of the grapes. The 1960s wines remained unnoticed mainly by the sensational quality of the wines of 1959 and 1961. In the rarity wine trade, very good 1960s wines are therefore difficult to find. Wines with first-class filling level and healthy color are interesting. Recommended Barolo from the top locations of Piedmont such as Cannubi.

Wine vintage rating 1960 - Wine 1960

The wine year 1961 *****

One of the most perfect vintages ever. The reason for the reduction of the yield and thus the high concentration of the vines were heavy rainfall during flowering. 
After that it remained dry and warm. In September, thick-skinned, very well ripened grapes could be harvested. 
Hard to find and unsurpassed in 1961: Chateau Latour (which reached drinking maturity only after 40-50 years) and Chateau Petrus. And a second-row winery created a legend with the 1961 vintage: Chateau Palmer.Very large also the Barolo or Barbaresco by Giacomo Conterno and Angelo Gaja. 

Wine vintage rating 1961 - Wine 1961

The wine year 1962 ****

Again very good growing conditions led to very beautiful wines. Very harmonious Superseconds (these are 2eme Grand Crus that deserve to be in the front row) such as Gruaud-Larose, Leoville Las Cases. 

Wine vintage rating 1962 - Wine 1962

The wine year 1963

A cold summer led to a moderate vintage. Well-preserved wines are extremely rare entrants, in the 1er Grand Cru area (as always Latour), as well as in some Burgundians and Barolo. Amarone, the wine classics from Valpolicella, are less dependent on the vintage. 

Wine vintage rating 1963 - Wine 1963

The wine year 1964 *****

A very good vintage, especially in Piedmont with excellent Barolo. The wines of the Bordeaux region are often underestimated. The weather was very good, only at the beginning of October persistent rain set in. This got Chateaux into trouble with a late harvest date. Especially recommended: the wines of Piedmont, from St.Emilion, Chateau Latour and Chateau Petrus. 

Wine vintage rating 1964 - Wine 1964

The wine year 1965

A wet summer, small yields. Useful, good wines can only be found in small numbers. For very good bottles you need luck. Wineries in Bordeaux that do well even in difficult vintages: Ducru Beaucaillou, Pichon Comtesse, Latour. Well-preserved Barolo from Fontanafredda proved fruity and fragrant at the tasting. Amarone, wine classics from Valpolicella, are less dependent on the vintage. 

Wine vintage rating 1965 - Wine 1965

The wine year 1966 ****

A beautiful elegant vintage. Better in Bordeaux than in Piedmont. Very good wines from the important appellations of the Médoc (Pauillac, Margaux etc) + Graves, as well as the right bank with St.Emilion and Pomerol have survived to this day. The average summer was perfectly complemented by a very hot September. The grapes were very well ripe for the grape harvest at the beginning of October. Chateau Latour, Cheval Blanc and Petrus are the most eye-catching 1er Grand Crus. 

Wine vintage rating 1966 - Wine 1966

The wine year 1967 ****

Inverse signs compared to the previous year. In 1967, Italy is better than Bordeaux. A perfect vintage for Italy: for Piedmont with Barolo and Barbaresco and for Tuscany with the fragile Brunello di Montalcino and some Chianti Riserva. 

Wine vintage rating 1967 - Wine 1967

The wine year 1968 ***

Again, Piedmont and Tuscany are preferable to Bordeaux. Especially the best Barolo wineries were able to produce good quality. A number of beautiful Chianti. 

Wine vintage rating 1968 - Wine 1968

The wine year 1969**

The wine trade longed for a new top vintage. But he didn't want to come. Bottles with a very good level and color still give a lot of pleasure. We have always encountered Grand Crus e.g. from the St.Emilion with a lot of charm. If you have no preferences between wines from France and Italy, you could choose Piedmont. 
Barolo is rated better for the vintage than Bordeaux. 

Wine vintage rating 1969 - Wine 1969