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All wines are in our wine cellar and can be shipped immediately.  493025563300

Vintage rating wine 70s

Wine reviews for the vintage are always a bit ambivalent. On the one hand, the weather pattern of a year naturally sets a direction for the wine regions. A cool, wet year cannot produce a century vintage.

On the other hand, there are subtle differences from region to region, from grape variety to grape variety. This can be seen in the differences in Bordeaux between left bank (Médoc with Cabernet Sauvignon) and right bank (St.Emilion, Pomerol with Merlot).

In the evaluation, one would also have to distinguish how the vintage was seen at the time of the grape harvest, the first barrel samples and the delivery and how it shows up today after many decades.

The most important thing about decades-old wines, however, is that it depends on each winery and on every single bottle. How was work done back then? And how was the wine bottle stored?

Every tasting of an old wine rarity opens a little adventure.

The wine year 1970 ****

After three rather moderate Bordeaux vintages again a very good year, as well as in Tuscany and Piedmont. The weather conditions were optimal. July and September were dry and hot, August had alternately cool and sunny hot periods. 
In Bordeaux, the winegrowers only had difficulties with the unusual simultaneous ripening of all grape varieties at high yields. 
Chateau Latour, Chateau Cheval Blanc and the other great wines from St.Emilion are the most outstanding wines from Bordeaux in 1970.

Wine vintage rating 1970 - Wine 1970

The wine year 1971 *****

An excellent vintage in Italy. Antinori's Tignanello was produced for the first time. Excellent the Barolo and Barbaresco of Pio Cesare, Prunotto, Rinaldi and Gaja. 
In Bordeaux there were small yields of outstanding quality, especially in Pomerol and Graves.

Wine vintage rating 1971 - Wine 1971

The wine year 1972

A consistently difficult year. As always, there are some exceptions to the rule. They are very rare. Chateau Lafite-Rothschild and e.g. Chateau Beychevelle are above average. 
Wines with very good filling level and healthy color can still be tasted well. Especially in controversial vintages, we concentrate on the takeover of larger bottle stocks, where we can carry out sample tastings.

Wine vintage rating 1972 - Wine 1972

The wine year 1973 ***

Not such a bad year. Good growing conditions in Bordeaux and Piedmont with quite high yields. 
A number of Barolo are recommended.

Wine vintage rating 1973 - Wine 1973

The wine year 1974 ****

In 1974, an excellent vintage in the Piemont.Im of Bordeaux was initially a good flowering and a nice dry summer. But at the end of September it became rainy and the harvest in October was very affected. High yields.

Wine vintage rating 1974 - Wine 1974

The wine year 1975 ****

The vintage was only rated extraordinarily high in Bordeaux (in part.dem 1971 equated) and declared as Vin de Garde. 
When the high expectations were not quite so fulfilled, the vintage was rated too badly for a while. 
In Italy, the wines of Tuscany are slightly higher than the wines of Piedmont.

Wine vintage rating 1975 - Wine 1975

The wine year 1976 ***

A dry, often hot year led to early flowering and allowed the grapes to ripen early. In Bordeaux, the grape harvest began on 15 September.

Wine vintage rating 1976 - Wine 1976

The wine year 1977 ** - ****

In Bordeaux only with a few wines that have survived. The growing season was not sunny enough. Piedmont with problems. Very good alone the wines of Tuscany, terrific at Sassicaia, very good Chianti Classico.

Wine vintage rating 1977 - Wine 1977

The wine year 1978 ****

Very good vintage in Piedmont and a strange, quite successful Bordeaux vintage. 
In Bordeaux, the weather was too cold and too wet in spring and summer. But from September it became very warm and dry, saving a good and very good quality at the classified wineries.

Wine vintage rating 1978 - Wine 1978

The wine year 1979

Very high yields. In Piedmont and Tuscany very good wines were produced.
In Bordeaux few spectacular wines, the wines from Pomerol cut best.

Wine vintage rating 1979 - Wine 1979