All wines are in our wine cellar and can be shipped immediately.
All wines are in our wine cellar and can be shipped immediately.  493025563300

Corkscrew wine

What distinguishes a good corkscrew?

You should be able to slide a match through the windings of the spindle. This shape means that the cork is not easily damaged.

If the corkscrew is a so-called waiter's knife, you will recognize the better quality by the two-stage holder that rests on the neck of the bottle. This allows the cork to be pulled straight out and will not tear as easily. ...

With very old wines, the cork is always a real hurdle. The cork is often extremely porous. There is only one surefire way that I know of to get a problematic cork out of a wine bottle undamaged. This is the combination of a clasp corkscrew and a spindle corkscrew. I only know of one corkscrew that combines both techniques. This is the Durand.



SW14007 The Durand corkscrew for mature wines

There is only one option for us to open some of the world’s oldest and rarest wines, The Durand. The Durand removes the cork whole and contained. It is perfect for older, fragile or compromised corks and eliminates the unwanted outcomes of broken corks, corks pushed into bottles or corks partially removed leaving pieces floating in the wine. The Durand is simple and easy to use when used correctly.


Content: 1 L ( €152.00 / 1 L )
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