All wines are in our wine cellar and can be shipped immediately.
All wines are in our wine cellar and can be shipped immediately.  493025563300

Wine - tasting packages - tasting packages

It is always worth comparing wines with one another.

Be it different styles of wine, different levels of quality, different vintages - to experience a vertical tasting.

Or you get to know the different grape varieties of a region.



SW12934 2018 Silvaner Lagenpaket Weingut Höfling Franken

Silvaner is an old variety that once was the most important grape in Germany. It likes average exposure to sunshine and needs moist soil. Silvaner is generally best enjoyed while it is young. Especially, it is found in Franken, Rheinhessen and Saale-Unstrut. Weingut Höfling is a family-owned winery in EuĂźenheim situated to the Northwest of WĂĽrzburg. Almost all of their vineyards are present on slopes and hilly terrain, and most of all of the work in the vineyards is by hands.  The people in the winery work very hard and with a commitment to produce unique Franconian wines that show the qualities of the region. So they uses domestic wood and hometown barrels and like the most prized Franken wines were traditionally bottled in a Bocksbeutel, a squat green or brown flagon with a round body, is by Höfling too.


Content: 4.5 L ( €21.78 / 1 L )
Bestand: 1

Ready for shipment, delivery in 1-3 days
SW13876 Collection Mirage de Belliard

The Bordeaux grape varieties at their best! 100% in 6 bottles.

With the Collection Mirage comes a personal present meant for a person who is very special to you.

We deliver the Collection Mirage with the following guaranties and wine documents.

  • The wine is in excellent conditions and has to be drank and savored.
  • We guarantee the authenticity of the wine and its professional storage.
  • It is a high-quality, dry, long aging and, most of all, it is a renowned red wine.
  • You receive the authenticity guarantee and the wine portrait as a certificate.
  • In addition to that: our own advice regarding storage, plus a recommendation on how to savor and open the wine.


Content: 4.5 L ( €23.33 / 1 L )
Bestand: 4

Ready for shipment, delivery in 1-3 days