All wines are in our wine cellar and can be shipped immediately.
All wines are in our wine cellar and can be shipped immediately.  493025563300

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It is always worth comparing wines with one another.

Be it different styles of wine, different levels of quality, different vintages - to experience a vertical tasting.

Or you get to know the different grape varieties of a region.



SW13876 Collection Mirage de Belliard

The Mirage Collection from Belliard is a unique compilation of single-varietal wines from Bordeaux. 
Almost all red Bordeaux wines are a blend of different grape varieties. Depending on the appellation and soil conditions, Cabernet Sauvignon predominates in Pauillac, there is a high proportion of Petit Verdoc in Margaux and the wines in one of the best parts of Saint Emilion are characterised by a high proportion of Cabernet Franc. 
With the 6 single-varietal wines made from Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Malbec and Camenere, which come from the most suitable vineyards, you can create your own Bordeaux cuvée or assemble a typical Margaux or Saint Emilion yourself. Perfect for wine lovers! 
The Belliard wine house is in its 15th generation ! - since 1497 - and today manages the most interesting vineyards in the classic Bordeaux appellations from a château befitting its status. Until now, the Belliards have been active outside France, mainly overseas.


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