1967 Barolo Aldo Borgogno

La Morra Piemonte

1967 Barolo Aldo Borgogno

The last bottle of this rare wine is sold. Please follow the link to search your favourite bottle among the wines of 1967: Wine 1967

  • into neck
  • 1967
  • 13,5 % vol
  • contains sulphites
  • Antikwein

    Karl Marx Allee 67 10243 Berlin Deutschland

The classical dry red wine comes from the Barolo DOC in Northern Italy, the most important wine... more
1967 Barolo Aldo Borgogno La Morra Piemonte
The classical dry red wine comes from the Barolo DOC in Northern Italy, the most important wine region of Piedmont. Prior to the mid-19th century, Barolo was a sweet wine. The fact that the Nebbiolo grape ripens late in October meant that temperatures would be steadily dropping by harvest. By November and December, temperatures in the Piedmont region would be cold enough to halt fermentation, leaving a significant amount of residual sugar left in the wine. In the mid-19th century the French enologist Louis Oudart improve the winemaking techniques of the local producers. Using techniques focusing on improving the hygiene of the cellar, Oudart was able to ferment the Nebbiolo must completely dry, making the first modern Barolo. This new, dry red wine soon became a favorite among the nobility of Turin and the ruling House of Savoy, giving rise to the popular description of Barolo as the wine of kings, the king of wines. La Morra is the greatest and one of the most importants comunes (municipality) for the production of Barolo.

With the 1967 Barolo Aldo Borgogno La Morra, comes a personal present meant for a person who is very special to you.

We deliver the 1967 Barolo Aldo Borgogno with the following guaranties and wine documents.

  • The wine is in excellent conditions and has to be drank and savored.
  • We guarantee the authenticity of the wine and its professional storage.
  • It is a high-quality, dry, long aging and, most of all, it is a renowned red wine.
  • You receive the authenticity guarantee and the wine portrait as a certificate.
  • In addition to that: our own advice regarding storage, plus a recommendation on how to savor and open the wine.

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