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Vintage rating wine 80s

Wine reviews for the vintage are always a bit ambivalent. On the one hand, the weather pattern of a year naturally sets a direction for the wine regions. A cool, wet year cannot produce a century vintage.

On the other hand, there are subtle differences from region to region, from grape variety to grape variety. This can be seen in the differences in Bordeaux between left bank (MĂ©doc with Cabernet Sauvignon) and right bank (St.Emilion, Pomerol with Merlot).

In the evaluation, one would also have to distinguish how the vintage was seen at the time of the grape harvest, the first barrel samples and the delivery and how it shows up today after many decades.

The most important thing about decades-old wines, however, is that it depends on each winery and on every single bottle. How was work done back then? And how was the wine bottle stored?

Every tasting of an old wine rarity opens a little adventure.

The wine year 1980 * - ***

A rather weaker vintage due to the weather conditions. In Bordeaux there was a cool spring with late flowering. The summer was damp. An early autumn was concluded with a very late harvest in October. It is worth turning more to the high-quality wineries (the 1er to 3eme Grand Cru ClassĂ©). In Piedmont, the spring of 1980 was similar, the summer hot and the autumn wet. Again, the Barolo of the top winemakers are pleasant to drink. Even more interesting, if available, a healthy Brunello di Montalcino from Tuscany. 
Chateau Latour , Chateau Margaux and Chateau Cheval Blanc are the most outstanding wines from Bordeaux in 1980.

Wine vintage rating 1980 - Wine 1980

The wine year 1981 *** - ****

The red wines of Bordeaux perform well. From flowering until the summer, 1981 was warm, dry weather. A welcome rainfall in September and again nice weather for the grape harvest.Especially the Merlot-influenced wines from Pomerol and Saint-Emilion are to be emphasized. Very inconsistent quality in Italian wines. The weather was best in Tuscany. The 1981 Sassicaia is rated correspondingly high.

Wine vintage rating 1981 - Wine 1981

The wine year 1982 *****

According to unanimous opinion, one of the few century vintages (as in 1945 and 1961) equally in Bordeaux and Piedmont. The weather was ideal throughout the growth. 
It allowed an early flowering, the vines developed splendidly in the hot summer. The harvest in Bordeaux took place on 14 September. The highest rated and most sought after wine of 1982 is Chateau Lafite-Rothschild. 
The high quality of the 1982 vintage also has a positive effect on slightly simpler wineries.
In Piedmont and Tuscany there were also perfect conditions. Many Barolo are excellent to drink.

Wine vintage rating 1982 - Wine 1982

The wine year 1983 ****

Not such a bad year. Good growing conditions in Bordeaux and Piedmont with quite high yields. The wines from Bordeaux in 1983 have a certain advantage over the Italian ones and within Italy good Tuscans are more interesting than many Barolo. 
Chateau Margaux is considered the best Bordeaux of the 1983 vintage.

Wine vintage rating 1983 - Wine 1983

The wine year 1984 **

The wines in Bordeaux are mainly characterized by two grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon (dominant in the Medoc and its municipalities Pauillac, Margaux, St.Estephe, etc.) and Merlot (the main grape variety in St.Emilion and Pomerol). In some vintages, the weather conditions of one of the two grape varieties are particularly difficult. In 1984, the Merlot vine suffered and the wines of the Medoc are more interesting than the wines from the right bank.

Wine vintage rating 1984 - Wine 1984

The wine year 1985 *****

A very good vintage. The vines rested in a very severe winter, then it came to a very good flowering phase and perfect weather conditions until the harvest. The wines of Bordeaux, especially the 1er Grand Cru Classé wineries again excellent. In Italy, the 1985 vintage achieved a breakthrough to great recognition in both Piedmont and Tuscany. The modern winegrowers of the individual vineyards in the Barolo area and of course the Supertuscany have been a fixture in the wine world ever since.

Wine vintage rating 1985 - Wine 1985

The wine year 1986 *****

Because in the vintage 1986 again the Chateau Mouton Rothschild stood out and was rated by Robert Parker with 100/100 points, he almost eclipsed the perhaps better 1985 vintage. The course of the year led to tannic wines, which proved to be storable for a very long time. The Barolo of the top winemakers and the Supertuscany such as Tignanello and Sassicaia were again excellent.

Wine vintage rating 1986 - Wine 1986

The wine year 1987***

Long regarded as a rather moderate vintage in Bordeaux. In the eighties, however, it became increasingly noticeable that due to more wine competence and modern cellar technology, wines of important wineries rarely fail. 1987 is one of the vintages that prove to be long-distance runners.
In Italy, conditions for healthy growth were better. 1987 finally produced palatable, accessible wines.

Wine vintage rating 1987 - Wine 1987

The wine year 1988 *****

In Bordeaux the first of three consecutive very good vintages. Until summer, the weather was not ideal. The dry, warm autumn allowed thick-skinned grapes to ripen. This resulted in tannin-rich, long-lasting Rotweine.
Im Piedmont and even more in the Brunello di Montalcino area, excellent wines with very low yields were produced.

Wine vintage rating 1988 - Wine 1988

The wine year 1989 *****

A great Bordeaux vintage. The good weather allowed an earlier growth process and an early harvest.
The large plants (Lafite, Margaux, Latour, etc.) are now beginning to be ready to drink. 
In Piedmont and Tuscany, some very good wines were produced, but some producers remained far below expectations.

Wine vintage rating 1989 - Wine 1989